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Macでは brew でインストール出来ます。

$ brew install dep


  - src/
    - project/

dep$GOPATH/src 以下にプロジェクトのソースを管理するディレクトリを作成しておかないと動作しません。


$ cd $GOPATH/src/project
$ dep init
// Gopkg.tomlとGopkg.lockが作成されます。

// add
$ dep ensure -add package-src-URL
$ dep ensure


$  dep help
dep is a tool for managing dependencies for Go projects

Usage: dep <command>


  init     Initialize a new project with manifest and lock files
  status   Report the status of the project's dependencies
  ensure   Ensure a dependency is safely vendored in the project
  prune    Prune the vendor tree of unused packages
  version  Show the dep version information

  dep init                               set up a new project
  dep ensure                             install the project's dependencies
  dep ensure -update                     update the locked versions of all dependencies
  dep ensure -add github.com/pkg/errors  add a dependency to the project

Use "dep help [command]" for more information about a command.

$ dep help ensure
Usage: dep ensure [-update | -add] [-no-vendor | -vendor-only] [-dry-run] [<spec>...]

Project spec:

  <import path>[:alt source URL][@<constraint>]

Ensure gets a project into a complete, reproducible, and likely compilable state:

  * All non-stdlib imports are fulfilled
  * All rules in Gopkg.toml are respected
  * Gopkg.lock records precise versions for all dependencies
  * vendor/ is populated according to Gopkg.lock

Ensure has fast techniques to determine that some of these steps may be
unnecessary. If that determination is made, ensure may skip some steps. Flags
may be passed to bypass these checks; -vendor-only will allow an out-of-date
Gopkg.lock to populate vendor/, and -no-vendor will update Gopkg.lock (if
needed), but never touch vendor/.

The effect of passing project spec arguments varies slightly depending on the
combination of flags that are passed.


  dep ensure                                 Populate vendor from existing Gopkg.toml and Gopkg.lock
  dep ensure -add github.com/pkg/foo         Introduce a named dependency at its newest version
  dep ensure -add github.com/pkg/foo@^1.0.1  Introduce a named dependency with a particular constraint

For more detailed usage examples, see dep ensure -examples.


  -add          add new dependencies, or populate Gopkg.toml with constraints for existing dependencies (default: false)
  -dry-run      only report the changes that would be made (default: false)
  -examples     print detailed usage examples (default: false)
  -no-vendor    update Gopkg.lock (if needed), but do not update vendor/ (default: false)
  -update       update the named dependencies (or all, if none are named) in Gopkg.lock to the latest allowed by Gopkg.toml (default: false)
  -v            enable verbose logging (default: false)
  -vendor-only  populate vendor/ from Gopkg.lock without updating it first (default: false)

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